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Chromebook Information

Chromebook information:

Damage costs:

  • Screen = $50
  • Charger = $25
  • Keyboard (if there's any missing keys) = $80
  • Battery = $50
  • Missing Feet = $10
  • Front Bezel = $30
  • Cleaning fee = $10
  • Lost or cannot be repaired = $200

Please be aware that if a student loses a key and just has 1 missing key, they will be charged the cost of the keyboard.  HP does not just fix 1 key, they replace the keyboard.

**Please do not try to fix Chromebooks yourself - they are the property of Jordan District, and our technicians will make the repairs.  You only need to pay for the parts.

Check In Info:


Before Check-In Day:
  • Remove any stickers you applied
  • Wipe off ONLY the outside
  • Do not spray anything on the Chromebook!
  • Remove personal USB accessories

On Check-In Day:

  • Wrap the charger up with velcro straps
  • Open the Chromebook so we can see the screen when you turn it in