Chromebook Repair and Replacement Costs

Students are responsible for their school-assigned Chromebook and Chromebook charger. Chromebooks need to be charged and ready for use each school day. Students are responsible for ensuring they are in good repair and are not damaged. Any costs incurred through damage to the Chromebook checked out to them is the responsibility of the student.

The Network Acceptable Use Policy and Chromebook User Agreement were signed as part of the Skyward Registration process. You can review those documents here:

Network Acceptable Use Policy

Chromebook User Agreement

Please note, each Chromebook has an Asset Tag that is assigned to a specific student. The student must return the Chromebook assigned to them and the Asset Tag must be attached. Each charger has a SoJo ID tag. Students must return the SoJo charger and the ID tag must be attached. If either of those stickers is removed, students will be assessed a fee.

The document linked below includes costs for full replacement of a Chromebook as well as costs for individual repairs. Repair and Replacement Costs are updated regularly to reflect current pricing.

Chromebook Repair and Replacement Cost List