End of Q1, Halloween Guidelines

We have several major things happening this week to be aware of before dancing off to Fall Break. The most crucial is that the quarter ends on Thursday. Please make sure you take a look at Skyward and are aware of grades before they are finalized.

Fall Break begins on Friday of this week for students, meaning there will be no school on Friday. We come back on Halloween, and you can check out the guidelines below for costumes on that front. We also have choir concerts tonight, and band and orchestra concerts tomorrow night. Check out our School Calendar for times and other upcoming events.

As a school, we are also looking forward to focusing on our core values of Kindness, Courage and Respect throughout the rest of the school year. We’ll include summaries of our efforts on that front going forward, so stay tuned!

Halloween Dress Guidelines

Halloween is a great chance to see the personality and creativity of our students. We want the day to be fun, and we also want to be able to have a productive day in class. With that in mind, what follows is a list of guidelines to help us do both:

  • The School Dress Code and the Student Code of Conduct still apply
  • Students should come to school already dressed with any makeup already applied
  • Students should avoid costumes that degrade any other group of people
  • We must be able to easily see who you are
    • Avoid masks worn on the face, except for use as personal protective equipment
    • Makeup or other costume additions must still allow us to identify you
  • We must be able to move in the halls and function in class, including avoiding disruptions to teachers and other students
  • Costumes must be safe, and make others feel safe
    • No weapons or facsimiles of weapons
  • Footwear must be worn all day

Above all, if you’re aren’t sure you should wear it, just don’t. We can’t wait to see what you come up with, and be sure to check our social media channels for pics of our costume contest.

Tickets Available Now for Newsies Jr.

Tickets are now available for Newsies JR. Performances are November 10, 11, 12, 14, and 15. You can find information here.

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