Course Selection, Job Fair, and Hope Week


9th Graders Going Into 10th Grade: Course Selection will happen later in the Spring. We’ll send something out as it gets closer.

8th Graders Going Into 9th Grade: Course Selection opens in Skyward today and closes on Friday, January 27. For information on how to register for classes and information on elective options, please visit the SoJo website. A PowerPoint tutorial will be available on how to choose classes along with a PowerPoint on choosing Earth Systems or Biology. Please make sure your student has a full 7 credits as well as 3 alternates chosen by Friday. Our counselors will be helping students complete this process during science classes this week.

7th Graders Going Into 8th Grade: Course Selection will happen in Skyward next week, and our counselors will help students complete this process during science classes. More info to come.

6th Graders Going Into 7th Grade: Course Selection will happen on February 7th at the school. Check out this flier. There will be a session starting at 5 pm, 5:45 pm and 6 pm. Teachers and counselors will be on hand to answer questions and help students complete registration before leaving that evening.  If you are unable to attend, you can register at home.


This week is Hope Week at SoJo, and our Ambassadors have put together a week of exciting lunchtime activities and mental health tips. Each day has a theme, which can be found here and below:

  • Monday: Stress Therapy – Wear Pastels
  • Tuesday: Friendship – Twin Day
  • Wednesday: Level Up Your Own Path – Wear Funky or Mismatched Clothes
  • Thursday: Suicide Awareness – Wear School Colors
  • Friday: Self-Care – Dress Comfy


If you’re interested in working at SoJo as a hall monitor, special education classroom assistant, custodian, or in our cafeteria, join us this Wednesday at Oquirrh Hills Middle School in Riverton from 6-8 pm. Positions are available across the district, but we have those specific positions available here at SoJo. We hope to see you there!


We’ve had a couple of near-misses with pedestrians and cars in our parking lot. Please remember to drive slowly and avoid cutting through the parking lot – even in the early morning during seminary drop off times. 


End of 1st Semester

It’s nearly the end of 1st semester, so please make sure you’ve checked Skyward and there are no surprises. With the 2nd semester, some semester-long classes will change, as well which lunch you may have. We’ll be on hand to make sure you are where you need to be, but luck favors the prepared.

Course Selection for 2022-23 School Year

Course selection for next school year is upon us. Current 8th graders will be selecting their classes January 23-27 and current 7th graders will be selecting classes January 30 – February 3. Please check the SoJo Counseling website on those dates for information.

Panorama Survey

Dear SoJo Middle School Families,

Next Thursday (Jan. 19th), students will be taking our district’s Panorama SEL (Social Emotional Learning) Survey. This survey gives us insight into how students feel about school and helps us drive change for our school culture. This survey will be given to students in Prowl class and should only take about 15-20 minutes. Students will be asked how they think and feel about school. Here is a link to some of the questions that your student may be asked 

This data will be used alongside academic, behavioral, and attendance records in order to support the whole child. By using Panorama our school will able to act on data and plan solutions at the school, classroom, and student level. This survey:

  • Is not a curriculum
  • Is not a mental health screener
  • Has nothing to do with 2nd Step
  • Has nothing to do with Critical Race Theory (CRT)

Thank you so much for your support at home. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact your student’s school counselor.


Dance/Activities Reminders

Well, 2022 is nearly wrapped up and ready to be tied with a bow. Thank you to all of you for your support of teachers and staff, and for raising such wonderful children. Wednesday is our last day of 2022, and 2023 will start for schools on January 3rd. Be aware that the 2nd Quarter and 1st Semester end on January 13th, so it’s a quick turnaround.

End-of-Day Dance/Activities on Wednesday

Our wonderful PTSA and school staff have planned a school dance, as well as activities for those who are less inclined to dancing. Students have already chosen which activity to attend, and the dance and activities all take place from 1:30 – 3:00 pm tomorrow. 

It will be a bit hectic during that time, so if you plan to check your student out, please try to do so before 1:30 pm; finding them in the dance will be difficult.

If you bring your own device for one of the other activities, it is your responsibility to make sure it does not get lost or stolen. Label your device – including controllers, joycons, headphones, etc. and keep track of it all day. Any item brought to school is the responsibility of the student.

Drop-Off & Pick-Up Reminders

Please remember when navigating our parking lot to please follow the normal markings for drop-off and pick-up. We’ve had several close calls with people cutting through where people park instead of going around the outside, and we want to keep everyone safe. 

Also, please remember that the neighborhood streets east of the school are not a drop-off and pick-up location. Our neighbors have reached out again asking us to remind everyone to use the parking lot, as a large amount of traffic is happening in the neighborhood.

Celebrations Skylert Student Info

Winter Party Signups

On Wednesday, December 21st from 1:30 to 3 pm, students get to participate in a school-wide activity. There will be a dance put on by our wonderful PTSA in the cafeteria and gym, and a wide variety of activities across the school hosted by teachers.

You can only choose one activity, and once you choose, you can’t switch. Make sure you check with whomever you want to be with so that you sign up for the same things if you’re wanting to be together.

Also, to participate in the dance and other activities, students must have no N’s or U’s in citizenship (Needs Improvement or Unsatisfactory). Teachers have been asked to talk to students who have an N or a U to ensure the student knows they have it and why, and what they can do to get it raised before the party. Students with N’s or U’s will participate in a separate activity. The goal there is no surprises, so make sure you know where you stand beforehand.

Some activities have a limited number of open spots, so choose quickly if there is a specific spot you want to go.


Holiday Music Assembly Schedule

Looking for our bell schedule for Thursday? Here you go!


Winter Extravaganza, Food Drive Thank You

Winter break is only a week and a half away, and we love the attitudes of kindness and giving that come with the winter season. 

Winter Extravaganza

Our wonderful PTSA and staff have put together a range of activities for the last hour and a half on the day before Winter Break. Students will select an activity this week so that we can plan supplies and supervision, and possible activities will include a dance, cornhole, a photo booth, a movie, video games, crafts, scribble society, and many more. We look forward to sending students off to the break with a smile on their faces.

Food Drive Thank You

Our food drive for the Utah Food Bank was a huge success (over 3,300 food items donated), and we want to say thank you to your students, to our staff, and especially to you as the parents who usually actually buy the food that is donated. 

Performing Arts Assembly on Thursday

We will have our annual Winter Performing Arts Assembly on Thursday. You can find our adjusted bell schedule here. So many of you have already seen one of our performing arts groups or more, but we want to ensure all students get the chance to see the great work and incredible talent of their peers.

New to Jordan District?

We offer a number of informational evenings for families new to the area who might need access to help, food, etc. If you have more questions, there is a session tonight at Aspen Elementary School, and more to come after Winter Break. You can check out the flier here (and here, in Spanish).
Ofrecemos una serie de noches informativas para familias nuevas en el área que puedan necesitar acceso a ayuda, comida, etc. Si tiene más preguntas, hay una sesión esta noche en la Escuela Primaria Aspen y más por venir después de las vacaciones de invierno. Puede consultar el volante aquí (y aquí, en español).


Food Drive, Bus Loading, and Keeping it Classy

SoJo Food Drive Dec 5-9

SoJo is accepting donations for the Utah Food Bank. Students earn tickets for their donations. Those tickets will allow them to participate in activities throughout the week. Please donate Canned Food, Packaged Food, Personal Care Items, and Cleaning Products. The Utah Food Bank cannot accept expired, unlabeled, refrigerated, or damaged items.

Bus Loading Changes

We are going to try and speed up bus loading now that it’s snowing and cold outside. Starting next week – not yet, though – students will simply follow the line of buses until they reach their bus and load, even along the sidewalk to the south of the parking lot. At 3:07 pm sharp, all buses will leave and won’t stop at the front as they have done in the past. If their bus isn’t there yet and the other buses are still there, they should wait at the end of the bus line on the sidewalk for their bus. If the other buses leave and their bus isn’t there yet because it’s late, they should return to the front of the school to wait for their bus.

Again, this isn’t for this week. This starts next week. For now, it’s business as usual. We’ll remind students on the first day (next Monday) at the end of school to make sure they don’t forget.

School Cleanliness

We are fortunate to have an amazing custodial staff who keep SoJo looking great and ready for our use. Thank you to them! We need everyone’s help to make sure our school is both clean and safe. We have too many food spills in the Cafe that students are leaving behind or not cleaning up. We understand, accidents happen. Help SoJo by telling one of the custodians and helping clean up the mess so no one slips and falls. It is all of our jobs to clean up after ourselves and keep SoJo clean and safe.

Students are NOT allowed to sell anything at school

We want to remind our SoJo Community that students are not allowed to sell items during school hours or on the school campus. District Policy limits the type of food that can be sold to middle school students. We also have specific vending contracts that prohibit the sale of any outside food or drink.

Community Council

Agenda (11/14/22)


November 14th, 2022


Review/Approve Minutes from Last meeting

Review School Safety/Digital Citizenship Plan

Review the Positive Behavior’s Plan

Review Grading

Review Test Scores

Draft Next Years Lands Trust Plan

Counseling Center Updates

SOJO Update

Next Meeting: TBD


Musical Opens This Week, BHS Football Semi-Finals

Students Attending Bingham Football 6A Semi-Finals on Nov 10

Bingham High School’s football team has once again made it to the playoffs this Thursday at 2:30 pm at Rice Eccles Stadium. Because of the high interest in attending in our school community, we are putting out the following in order to keep the check-out process secure and efficient. We are asking that students attending the game plan to leave at 12:00 pm. This is the same time BHS students are being asked to check out if attending.

Please note that this does not count as a school-sponsored activity, there will be no school-provided transportation, and students will still be expected to complete any missed work.


  • Print out this form and sign it
  • Purchase tickets here (tickets can be used to get free transportation on TRAX)
  • Expect an absence message from Skyward, as it usually takes several days to input the signed forms for our attendance office


  • Bring signed form to class/lunch in order to be excused at 12:00 pm. This is your check-out slip. You will not be allowed to leave without the slip.
  • Turn in the signed form to the attendance office as you leave campus. If you don’t, it will count as a truancy.

We wish the football team well. If they win, the championship game will be on Friday, Nov. 18th at 11:00 am. Should they emerge victorious on Thursday, we’ll send out more information next week. Best of luck, Miners!

Musical Starts This Week

It’s showtime! South Jordan Middle School’s long-awaited production of Newsies, Jr. debuts this week. Tickets are free, but must be purchased in advance. You can purchase tickets for November 10, 11, 12, 14, and 15. You can find information here. We can’t wait to see the product of so many of our students and staff, and we hope to see you there!

School Community Council Meeting Nov 14th

Our school community council will be meeting next Monday at 4 pm. Topics will include the school safety/digital citizenship plan, the positive behavior plan, grading, test scores, and next year’s Land Trust and TSSA plans. Meetings are open to the public.


Halloween Guidelines, Start of Q2

It’s almost Halloween, so we thought we’d send our Skylert out a bit early this week so that we could remind everyone of costume guidelines (below) before you got dressed for the day. Also, remember that Quarter 2 starts tomorrow!

Halloween Dress Guidelines

Halloween is a great chance to see the personality and creativity of our students. We want the day to be fun, and we also want to be able to have a productive day in class. With that in mind, what follows is a list of guidelines to help us do both:

  • The School Dress Code and the Student Code of Conduct still apply
  • Students should come to school already dressed with any makeup already applied
  • Students should avoid costumes that degrade any other group of people
  • We must be able to easily see who you are
    • Avoid masks worn on the face, except for use as personal protective equipment
    • Makeup or other costume additions must still allow us to identify you
  • We must be able to move in the halls and function in class, including avoiding disruptions to teachers and other students
  • Costumes must be safe, and make others feel safe
    • No weapons or facsimiles of weapons
  • Footwear must be worn all day

Above all, if you’re aren’t sure you should wear it, just don’t. We can’t wait to see what you come up with, and be sure to check our social media channels for pics of our costume contest.


Plans are already in the works for our 9th grade Industry Tour coming in April. The Industry Tour is an opportunity for our 9th graders to visit one of our various locations to tour the business, listen to a presentation, and learn more about that industry. 9th graders will earn the privilege of attending the Industry Tour by getting final grades of all Honors (H) and / or Satisfactory (S) in Citizenship for 2nd and 3rd quarter. 9th graders that get any Needs Improvement (N) and / or Unsatisfactory (U) for a final grade for 2nd and / or 3rd quarter will not be eligible to attend the Industry Tour. So we encourage all our students to be kind, be respectful, stay on task and work hard in class so they earn the privilege to attend the Industry Tour.

Tickets Available Now for Newsies Jr.Tickets are now available for Newsies JR. Performances are November 10, 11, 12, 14, and 15. You can find information here.