Food Drive, Bus Loading, and Keeping it Classy

SoJo Food Drive Dec 5-9

SoJo is accepting donations for the Utah Food Bank. Students earn tickets for their donations. Those tickets will allow them to participate in activities throughout the week. Please donate Canned Food, Packaged Food, Personal Care Items, and Cleaning Products. The Utah Food Bank cannot accept expired, unlabeled, refrigerated, or damaged items.

Bus Loading Changes

We are going to try and speed up bus loading now that it’s snowing and cold outside. Starting next week – not yet, though – students will simply follow the line of buses until they reach their bus and load, even along the sidewalk to the south of the parking lot. At 3:07 pm sharp, all buses will leave and won’t stop at the front as they have done in the past. If their bus isn’t there yet and the other buses are still there, they should wait at the end of the bus line on the sidewalk for their bus. If the other buses leave and their bus isn’t there yet because it’s late, they should return to the front of the school to wait for their bus.

Again, this isn’t for this week. This starts next week. For now, it’s business as usual. We’ll remind students on the first day (next Monday) at the end of school to make sure they don’t forget.

School Cleanliness

We are fortunate to have an amazing custodial staff who keep SoJo looking great and ready for our use. Thank you to them! We need everyone’s help to make sure our school is both clean and safe. We have too many food spills in the Cafe that students are leaving behind or not cleaning up. We understand, accidents happen. Help SoJo by telling one of the custodians and helping clean up the mess so no one slips and falls. It is all of our jobs to clean up after ourselves and keep SoJo clean and safe.

Students are NOT allowed to sell anything at school

We want to remind our SoJo Community that students are not allowed to sell items during school hours or on the school campus. District Policy limits the type of food that can be sold to middle school students. We also have specific vending contracts that prohibit the sale of any outside food or drink.