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Winter Party Signups

On Wednesday, December 21st from 1:30 to 3 pm, students get to participate in a school-wide activity. There will be a dance put on by our wonderful PTSA in the cafeteria and gym, and a wide variety of activities across the school hosted by teachers.

You can only choose one activity, and once you choose, you can’t switch. Make sure you check with whomever you want to be with so that you sign up for the same things if you’re wanting to be together.

Also, to participate in the dance and other activities, students must have no N’s or U’s in citizenship (Needs Improvement or Unsatisfactory). Teachers have been asked to talk to students who have an N or a U to ensure the student knows they have it and why, and what they can do to get it raised before the party. Students with N’s or U’s will participate in a separate activity. The goal there is no surprises, so make sure you know where you stand beforehand.

Some activities have a limited number of open spots, so choose quickly if there is a specific spot you want to go.