Community Council

Minutes (2/27/23)

SCC 2-27-23.docx

Official minutes- Monday, February 27, 2023
Present: Kristy Ives (KI), Curtis Jenson (CJ), Jennifer Ngatuvai (JN), Stephanie Rich (SR), Lindy Christensen (LC), Tracy Miller (TM), Marilyn Richards (MR), Jessica Tenney (JT), Sara Nichols (SN), Spencer Young (SY)

Absent: Jessica Tenney
Meeting opened at by 4:06 by KI

Discussion was held on Safe Walking Route- Two main plans were suggested one involving SJ Parkway/Redwood Road and the other involving our parking lot. CJ will look for the amended plan noted by MR on amendment of parking lot to better utilize the space. There is a meeting tomorrow with the city to further discuss Safe Walking Routes.

Minutes from November 14th meeting will be sent to members for approval.

CJ led discussion of Proposed Land Trust Plan.(PLT) CJ explained the growth and achievement percentages. The overall goal is 1% growth but Math will be a specific target for 1% growth over the upcoming year. We will look at restructuring the PROWL program to help us achieve our goals. There is an interest in teachers being more available for help before/after school. An Edficiency style program is being looked into to provide teacher/student support to make PROWL, our advisory period, beneficial for all.

SN suggested we need consistency as an institution from 7th-9th grades. There is a lack of stability for students. LC noted research shows the impact on education was more severe due to Covid than it was for Hurricane Katrina.

PLT focuses on coaching, lead mentor help, an additional part time counselor and lower class sizes in math. We need to get educators sharing and talking to help improve instruction for all. Budget is approximately $176,000. KI and SN both said the plan has the potential to impact all students and is specific to the school. TM added she likes the lower class sizes in math. KI moved to approve the PLT plan, SN seconded. PLT plan was unanimously approved by the committee.

CJ led discussion of TSSA plan. We have used this to help with professional development and school initiatives ie: Chromebooks, computers, staff and student wellness rooms, honor roll/student of the month, school culture items, response to intervention training, additional staffing concerns.

KI led discussion of and the resources they offer. We will look into placing it on the school website and providing training to parents so they are aware. LC asked if we think a parent night on this topic would be beneficial. CJ will

check with the district to see if this can be added to the website for easier parent access.

JN asked a question about school security and how are we keeping track of doors being closed when they should be. CJ will check into this and report back. TM asked what could be done differently? JN suggested there be better alarms to address the safety problems.

CJ presented on the counseling center update, Job Shadow day and the PCCR’s. Next meeting will be Monday, March 20 at 4:00pm.
Meeting adjourned at 5:32 with motion by MR; 2nd by SN .

–Stephanie Rich
South Jordan Middle School SCC Secretary