End-of-Year Testing

End of the year testing update:

Dear Parents/Guardians,

End of the year testing is approaching.  The assessments that your child will be given are determined by the grade they are currently in.  Our 7th and 8th grade students will take the RISE Assessment, and our 9th grade students will take the Utah Aspire +.

RISE Assessment (grades 7th and 8th):

Subjects Tested: English Language Arts (ELA), Science, Math, Writing (only assessed in grade 8)

Assessment dates: 4/27-5/12- Teachers administering the RISE assessment are given a window to complete the assessment.  It is up to the individual teacher as to when they will be giving their assessment within the window. 

How testing data is used: This assessment is based on state standards and gives teachers immediate feedback as to how students are doing.  Teachers can use the RISE assessment as a grade in Skyward if the grade helps the student.  If the grade on the RISE assessment will lower a student’s grade in the class, then the RISE assessment cannot be used for a student’s grade in Skyward.  Because this assessment covers the class’s standards, many classes choose to use it in place of a class final.  In the event of extenuating circumstances that prevent a child from participating in the assessment, teachers can give an alternative assignment (usually an end of year review of all standards for the course) and the student may still have to take a final for the course depending on the course expectations. In such cases, the student will remain in the classroom and work on an alternative assignment while their class tests. 

Utah ASPIRE + (grade 9):

Subjects Tested: English, Reading, Math, and Science

Assessment Dates: 4/27 and 4/28- Students will follow a block schedule to take this exam.

English Test: will be taken in ELA 

Reading Test: will be taken in World Geography

Math Test: will be taken in Math

Science Test: will be taken in Science

How assessment data is used: This exam (if all 4 sections are taken) will give students and parents a predictive ACT score and helps evaluate secondary program preparedness.  This exam is written by the same company as ACT, and serves as a great practice for students that will be taking the ACT their junior year.  Results are sent to parents over the summer.  ACT can be used as a college entrance exam, and many programs use ACT scores to determine a student’s college scholarship eligibility. 

Because this exam will take place during 2 block schedule days, all classes will be held including those classes that are not tested subjects.  Students who are unable to participate in the assessment due to extenuating circumstances will stay in their classroom during testing, and no classroom instruction will take place.  In such cases, students will NOT be allowed to use computers, phones, or any other technology in order to keep the testing environment secure.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to your students’ counselor!