The Season of Giving

December Fundraiser for Primary Children’s Hospital

Our annual fundraiser will be for Primary Children’s Hospital this year. Our SBO’s are setting a goal of raising $5,000, and have a wide variety of activities planned over the coming week. If you have a chance and the means to give, it’s a great cause and one that benefits many of our own students. All proceeds will go directly to Primary Children’s Hospital.

Christmas for Kids Event

Each December, the Jordan Education Foundation partners with local community organizations to sponsor the Christmas for Kids Event. Each school nominates deserving students, and we celebrate them with a shopping experience at Walmart. You can be part of this amazing event by providing your time or financial support. Each student is given a gift card and they shop with an adult volunteer from the community. Go to the JEF site to register to Shop with a Student on Saturday, December 9. Chaperones are needed for approximately one hour between 8:00 and 10:00 AM. You can also donate by going to the JEF site.  

Parking Lot Reminders and Updates

Our parking lot can be…confusing. In fact, we’ve had two accidents on 2700 W in the past several weeks. Please, please take a moment to review the maps found here. Specifically, we’ve been asked by South Jordan Police Department to remind parents that:

  • Traffic Signs Must Be Followed (e.g. if the sign says right turn only, please only turn right)
  • Parking on 2700 W for Pickup is Strongly Discouraged
    • Both accidents involved 2700 W – one as someone was turning onto 2700 W, and one with someone pulling out from parking on 2700 W

We are very aware of the difficulties our parking lot setup and size creates, and we are in the process of officially exploring options for improvement and expansion. We hope to have more official news on that front soon, but please know that we are aware and are working on permanent solutions to make it safer and more user-friendly to parents. We have seen great support on all fronts in seeking and supporting improvements, and we are excited to bring you updates and specifics once we have them.