Community Council

Minutes (3/11/24)


  • Curtis Jenson, Principal
  • Kennedy Murdock, Teacher (observer)
  • Jennifer Ngatuvai, Parent
  • Sara Nichols, Parent
  • Lindsey Branca, Parent
  • Stephanie Rich, Teacher
  • Marilyn Richards, JSD Board Member
  • Tracy Miller, JSD Board President


  • The group discussed the approved parking lot renovation project starting this summer.
  • Implementing new math software (ALEKS) to provide adaptive homework was discussed, with plans to start in 7th grade and apply for a grant to fund it.
  • Changes to the math curriculum and scheduling were mentioned.
  • The school’s land trust and TSA budgets and spending plans were reviewed and approved.
  • Improving the student checkout process using the intercom system instead of notes was brought up.