Dance, Lagoon, Chromebooks, & Memory Books

The last month of school is an exciting time with a lot of exciting events taking place. Make sure you check our calendar for events like concerts and performances, as well as things like a school dance and Lagoon day. 

In this Skylert, you’ll find:

  • School Dance Info (Friday, May 19th)
  • Lagoon Day Info (Thursday, June 1st)
  • Chromebook Return Info
  • Memory Book Purchase Info
  • Memory Book Cover Contest Info

Sneaker Ball Important Information (Friday, May 19th)

Our PTSA is hosting a Sneaker Ball (wear whatever, as long as you wear sneakers – and it fits in the dress code) at the end of the day on Friday, May 19th. There are a few things you need to know:

  • We Can’t Check Students Out After 2 pm
    • Students get to choose which activity they go to (dance, movie, or game rooms), so by the time we find where they went, it’ll probably be 3 pm.
    • If you know you’ll need to check your student out beforehand, please use this prior release form and have your child bring it with them to 7th period on Friday. 
    • This form will allow them (at 2 pm and not before) to turn in this form to be checked out to you. You won’t need to come into the school if you have completed the form.
    • This form must be filled out prior to school on Friday. We’ll have a limited number of copies in the attendance office all week for students who can’t print one at home. 
  • Alternate Activities
    • We’ll have a movie in the KIVA (Puss in Boots: The Last Wish) and some game rooms. If you have a video game (school appropriate, of course) that you want to play, you’ll need to bring it on Friday. If you bring your own game or Nintendo Switch, you’re responsible for its care and any loss or damage.
  • Behavior Expectations
    • We’re not filtering who can attend the dance based on citizenship, so we would love your help emphasizing proper behavior from home.
    • If we have to pull your child out of an activity due to their behavior, it may affect their ability to participate in other end-of-year activities like the field day, Lagoon, or memory book signing.

9th Grade Lagoon Day (Thursday, June 1st)

Lagoon Day for our outgoing 9th graders will be Thursday, June 1st. Students will come to school that day for our end-of-year slideshow and some fun, and then will board the bus and go to Lagoon. All of the information about purchasing tickets, departure and pickup times, etc. can be found here, and hard copies of the permission slip will be available in the main office.

There will be no charge to ride the bus, but the permission slip must be signed in order to ride with the school. Tickets must be purchased in advance on the Lagoon website, and the discount code can be found in the information packet. Lagoon will be open to the public that day, and won’t close until 9 or 10 pm. However, buses will return at 5 pm.

Chromebooks, Chargers, and Loaners OH MY

We are nearing the end of the school year and fees are being added to Skyward for missing Chromebooks. Each student was assigned a Chromebook and Chromebook Charger at the beginning of the year. Some students have also borrowed what we call Loaner Chromebooks and Loaner Chromebook Chargers. Students who have a Loaner Chromebook will be charged $265 along with $25 for any Loaner Chromebook Charger. Fees will also be assessed for any damage to the Chromebook. PLEASE talk with your student now and have them return any loaned items. ALL items must be returned by May 25th. 

Memory Book

There is a list posted by the Main Office of all those who have purchased a Memory Book. If your student wants a Memory Book, please have them check the list to make sure their name is on it!

  • You may purchase a Memory Book on Skyward Family Access or in the Main Office for $35.00. Online and in person sales end May 19th (or while supplies last).
  • Please pay any fines/fees BEFORE May 31st. Students who are missing library books, textbooks, or have Chromebook fines will have their Memory Book held until the item is returned or the fine is paid.
  • Memory Books will be distributed Wednesday, May 31st. (No books will be released early.) There will be a table for CASH ONLY SALES at the signing party for $35.00. 

Any Memory Books not picked up that day will be available in the Main Office!

Design Next Year’s Memory Book Cover!

Calling all SOJO student artists! The Memory Book Staff wants you to create the cover for next year’s book. For the first time, there will be a student cover art contest. The theme is “Paws for the Moment.” The art needs to include the snow leopard and show school pride. Students can work individually or in groups. There are a lot of important specifications for submissions, and this flier has all of the information you need. A hard copy can also be picked up in the Main Office, and found on the PTSA and SJMS social media sites.

Entries need to be submitted both digitally and physically by Thursday, May 18th. Email any questions to Memory Book advisors are PTSA volunteers and cannot receive or reply to student JSD email addresses, so do not use your school account.

We have such talented students and are very excited to see what they create.