Parent & Student Surveys

Counseling Center Survey for Parents

Every few years, counselors survey parents and students about the counseling program in order to improve how we serve you. Your feedback is crucial! Students will be taking the survey in their PROWL class this Thursday. A link to the parent survey is below. It is available in English or Spanish. If you have 5-10 minutes to fill out this survey within the next two weeks we would really appreciate it! The more people we hear from the better!

Parent Survey Link:

Final Panorama Survey of the School Year

This Thursday students will be taking our district’s Panorama SEL (Social Emotional Learning) Survey. This survey will be given to students during the PROWL period class and should only take about 15-20 minutes. Students will be asked how they think and feel about school. Here is a link to some of the questions that your student may be asked.

This data will be used alongside academic, behavioral, and attendance records in order to support the whole child. By using Panorama our school will be able to act on data and plan solutions at the school, classroom, and student level. This survey:

  • Is not a curriculum
  • Is not a mental health screener
  • Has nothing to do with 2nd Step
  • Has nothing to do with Critical Race Theory (CRT)

Thank you so much for your support at home.